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Our Story


Spectrum Accountable Care was conceptualized from the idea that the mental health and wellness of the Southern Nevada community as a whole is of the utmost importance. That’s why we’ve designed all of our programs with the individual and the community as a whole in mind.

Low-Cost, Convenient Classes
Our classrooms have been conveniently placed just blocks from the Clark County Nevada courthouse. Offenders assigned to complete their Domestic Violence, Anger Management, or other court remanded course, can do so the moment they step out of the courtroom. We’ve done this with the belief that the sooner our clients get their court ordered classes behind them, the sooner they can be a healthy part of the community. We’ve also priced our courses to make sure they are accessible to everyone.

Supervisor Role
At Spectrum Accountable Care, we have one of the few State Certified DV Supervisors in Southern Nevada. Not only does our Supervisor oversee and teach our courses, he also oversee’s additional counseling outlets, as every company providing court appointed classes requires a Supervisor.  Should you be in need of a Supervisor to fill your mandatory seat, please feel free to contact us.

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